ADA House, Level 2, 54 - 58 Havelock Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

PO BOX 6762, East Perth, WA 6892

Salt Lane Precinct, Shoreline

Subdivision Completed

Shared-Zones at Shoreline – Salt Lane Precinct Construction of Stage 3 at DevelopmentWA’s Shoreline estate was recently completed to deliver high-quality residential outcomes for innovative micro-lot housing product, incorporating numerous shared zones, public open space and connectivity elements. The Salt Lane precinct exhibits numerous shared-zone networks which were designed to accommodate safe, integrated movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to promote activation of the road reserves to enhance the public amenity, connectivity and accessibility to nearby public open space.

The shared-zone and activated streetscape outcomes were achieved through strong collaboration with the landscape and building architects early during the detailed design of the precinct, which ultimately led to greater opportunity to implement key innovations as well as the pre-determination of otherwise obstructive service locations to accommodate proposed built form outcomes.

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