Successful trial implementation of below ground power pits:

After several years of discussions with suppliers and service providers, the first below ground pits have been successfully installed at the Shorehaven development in Alkimos. TABEC Civil Engineering Consultants are proud to have been involved in the design, technical consultation and initial trial of the recently approved below ground Channell power pits in residential subdivision.

For narrow lot product the pits remove potential trip hazards in the stair landings whilst ensuring the pit is readily visible and directly accessible.

Well done to RJV, Peet Limited, UPD and all involved in the delivery of this outcome and ultimate approval of the below ground pit products. 

Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation

Congratulations to the City of Rockingham and all who were involved in the successful delivery of the Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation Project, which officially opened to eager Rockingham residents and visitors in late September 2019! After several years of involvement in the detailed design and construction, TABEC are proud to have supported PLACE Laboratory and the City of Rockingham in the delivery of this high quality, innovative and engaging space to provide enhanced public amenity.

Ships Ahoy! Shorehaven Treasure Island Adventure Playground Opening

Inspired by the S.S. Alkimos Shipwreck just a few hundred metres off the coast, Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playground has enjoyed plenty of attention since opening in August 2019 as Perth’s latest destination playground. Exhibiting numerous interactive features and an inspired treasure hunt adventure, we are delighted to have provided the civil earthworks, drainage and parking infrastructure to assist EPCAD and Peet in delivering such an outstanding addition to the Shorehaven Waterfront Park.