Cygnia Cove Stage 6

Works have recently been completed at Cygnia Cove Stage 6 in Waterford which is the culmination of an almost 20 year involvement on the multi award winning project. Earthworks for the stage were completed by Wormall Civil in 2015 and the civil construction works for the final stage have recently been completed by Buckby Contracting. We would like to express our gratitude to both Richard Noble and Company and Trustees of Christian Brothers (WA) in entrusting the civil engineering aspects of the project to TABEC.

According to TABEC Director, Chris Bitmead, a particular highlight of the project is the creation of a swan breeding habitat adjacent to the Canning River foreshore.

Lakelands East Stage 68

We are pleased to have reached Practical Completion at PEET’s most recent development, Stage 68, within the Lakelands East estate.

PEET’s Lakelands East development is environmentally sensitive when it comes to the adjacent Black Swan Lake Reserve and tree retention. The design has incorporated sustainable initiatives to enable stormwater infiltration upstream and widened road reserves for tree preservation which helps towards this high quality outcome.