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PO BOX 6762, East Perth, WA 6892

Shoreline at North Coogee

  • 2017 - Ongoing
  • North Coogie
  • DevelopmentWA

Shoreline Estate is a 47-hectare estate being presently developed by DevelopmentWA to repurpose former industrial land into high quality mixed-use outcomes incorporating numerous shared zones, public open space and heritage elements. The Shoreline Stage 3 Salt Lane Precinct, located between Surada St and Reinforcement Parade in North Coogee, is a $2.9M element of the larger project completed in June 2019.

A key identity of the Shoreline Estate is the incorporation of numerous shared pedestrian and vehicle access zones to promote activation of laneways and enhance connectivity between public open space. Road and footpath networks were designed to accommodate safe movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in accordance with Safe Active Streets principles and Main Roads WA Policy and Application guidelines for shared zones, which included but not limited to satisfying the following key design criteria:

  • Accessibility of design vehicles and refuse vehicles within one-way streets;
  • Speed limit of 10km/h through shared zones for motorised vehicles;
  • Narrowed road pavement widths and raised approaches to shared-zones at the entry/exit points;
  • Contrasting surface texture treatment of shared zone to distinguish from the surrounding road network;
  • Trafficable paving with a bespoke header course arrangement to further emphasise the pedestrian-orientated nature of the precinct.
  • Incorporation of ‘significant’ physical interruptions to vehicular traffic in the form of bollards, tree pits, parking bays and street furniture to further reduce speeds through shared zones.

TABEC successfully created a walkable shared-street environment through implementation of a design to discourage traffic moving through the precinct that was not local to the area, whilst also reducing the width of road pavement and integration of a one-way shared-zone network to promote a lower speed environment.