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Mandurah Ocean Marina

  • 1999 - 2006
  • Mandurah
  • Landcorp

TABEC acted in the role of specialist consultant for the water-based component of the Mandurah Ocean Marina’s southern precinct which features a system of narrow, Venetian-style waterways.


Project Highlights

Throughout our involvement in the Mandurah Ocean Marina development, TABEC was responsible for recommending a number of revisions which significantly contributed to the project’s ‘icon’ status and enhanced its quality and commerciality.

These contributions included the design of a water-based, residential precinct featuring non-standard waterways, the relocation of the retail/commercial precinct and the reconfiguration of waterways to create enhanced developability. Our contributions on the Mandurah Ocean Marina development are demonstrative of our commitment to continually critiquing all aspects of projects to optimise outcomes for our clients.

This project was particularly rewarding for LandCorp and was highly successful on many fronts. It delivered a considerably higher than anticipated financial return and was also the recipient of 13 planning, design and marina awards. These included 2 international design awards being the Urban Land Institute’s Award for Excellence in the Asia Pacific Region 2011 and the PIANC Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award (MEDA) 2011. The purpose of the latter is to recognise excellence in the design of modern, recreational boating facilities around the world, with entrants judged on functionality, aesthetics and environmental sustainability.

Project Awards

2011 Urban Land Institute’s (Asia Pacific Region) Award for Excellence

2011 Urban Land Institute’s (Asia Pacific Region) Award for Excellence

2007 UDIA (WA) Masterplanned Development

2006 UDIA (WA) Masterplanned Development