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Lakelands Town Centre

  • 2016 - 2017
  • Mandurah

Lakelands is a 2,500-lot development located in the Mandurah region, approximately 60km’s south of Perth. Situated in the heart of the development is The Town Centre, a shopping centre and community space which provides a diverse and vibrant mix of retail and lifestyle amenities for the Lakelands residents. TABEC was involved in civil engineering relating to earthworks, roads and key services requirements for The Town Centre.


Project Highlights

Stage one of the Lakelands Town Centre development, valued at over $30million, encompassed a main street, a town square, a retail centre, additional retail tenancies, a service station, fast-food outlets and more than 1,000 car parking bays. The project also included design and construction of surrounding roads and infrastructure.

A key component of the Lakelands Town Centre was the centrally located town square. The square formed the heart of the Town Centre and was designed to become a focus for community activities and a place to meet, socialise and be entertained. The pedestrian oriented main street and town square were designed in close conjunction with the development’s Landscape Architects, and were characterised by extensive high-quality paving, landscape features and shared vehicle and pedestrian zones.

Key project highlights and development achievements included:

  • Earthworks and road profiles were designed to optimise building interfaces and minimise level differences over the site for safe and easy pedestrian access.
  • Key services were installed to suit the demands of a full commercial site development.
  • Subdivisional roads were integrated to match with the reconstructed, signalised intersections on Mandurah Road.
  • Continuous liaison with the project’s Landscape Architects facilitated the integration of extensive landscape elements such as feature paving, tree wells and garden beds to both streetscapes and pedestrian areas.

Construction of roads was optimally staged to facilitate ongoing building access and minimise interface issues throughout the project.