ADA House, Level 2, 54 - 58 Havelock Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

PO BOX 6762, East Perth, WA 6892

Koombana North

  • Completed
  • Coolbellup
  • LandCorp / Landlease

Koombana North is within close proximity to the Bunbury CBD and designed to facilitate 5 multi-storey apartment sites on the north facing beach front. Between the building sites, a shared road and public access ways were included to accommodate a future bus station, light rail station access, improved public amenity and to create what will ultimately be a thriving day and night time urban experience.

TABEC were engaged by LandCorp to undertake the preliminary, detailed design and contract administration for the civil works.

The local structure plan outlined the need to provide a highly connected street and path network that encouraged pedestrian and cyclist connectivity in particular, from the future bus and rail platforms to the foreshore area. In order to deliver this, a Forward Works package was undertaken to suitably prepare the site through construction of a buried seawall, bulk earthworks, landscape retaining walls and toe-protections. The buried seawall was in response to coastal protection requirements, including sea level rise considerations.

The civil works included extension of services in a brownfields environment and under live traffic conditions whilst maintaining access to the adjacent hotel, and public access along the foreshore. High end treatments and non-standard design outcomes for the benefit of the project were amalgamated into a combined civil and landscape construction package. The result is a high quality, marquee project, greatly enhancing one of the most prominent locations in Bunbury.