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Frasers Landing, Mandurah

  • 2005 - Ongoing
  • City of Mandurah
  • Frasers Property

Frasers Landing at Mandurah represents an innovative urban design solution as the developer’s vision for ‘hamlets within the trees’ is strongly influenced by the excellent condition of the last significant vegetated site within the Mandurah area. The development involves design, documentation and contract administration of in excess of 1,000 lots.

The desire to create a new riverine community presents significant engineering challenges in achieving a unique residential development in a very environmentally sensitive and geotechnically challenging site adjacent to a tributary of the Serpentine River. This has been achieved with an emphasis on minimising the environmental impact of the development through particular attention to vegetation retention, minimal dewatering for service installation and water sensitive urban design.

Within the initial strata hamlets and where ever possible to protect the extensive vegetation, clearing and earthworks were restricted to within the road reserves, with road formations constructed on natural ground, extensive flush kerbed roads and longitudinal drainage swales within the widened road reserves to the extent that piped drainage was only installed in about 10% of the hamlet road length. The engineering road treatments and servicing installations are pushing the sustainability objectives to the front of industry standards,

The installation of 1,000m of 300mm and 375mm sewers at depths of up to 7.6m utilising micro tunneling techniques enabled the protection of vegetation and the avoidance of extensive dewatering in acid sulfate soils.

Project Awards

2013 UDIA (National) Environmental Excellence

2013 UDIA (WA) Environmental Excellence

2012 UDIA (WA) Residential Development Under 250 lots

2012 UDIA (WA) Rising Start Award